Fifth Column Features

White Creek

White Creek is a place from another universe. A place where feudalism remains intact and people struggle to break free from debt. One family must escape the dangers of this decaying society, as the power in their valley changes hands. In the end they are left to decide how to move forward in this universe and the next.

  • The Brave and The Kind

    John is an aspiring film director, working in obscurity at an upstate New York college. He struggles to find creativity within his working class family and the comfortable, somewhat complacent life he's built with his wife. John seems to discover it when an interview with his WWII veteran grandfather inspires him to film a biopic about normal people - with himself, his friends and family the subjects. But when life goes off script in the darkest of ways John questions all his assumptions about art, relationship, and his ability to assume an adult mantle of responsibility. Is the kindness and bravery of those around him enough to show John the way through tragedy, or will his existential crisis destroy his family, his career, and ultimately end his life?

  • Hold

    HOLD is a tense, spare, and lean drama about a young couple's relationship in the aftermath of a violent home invasion. Boasting no musical score and filmed in claustrophobic closeups, it investigates the frailty of the hero complex by putting a microscope on American paranoia.

  • I'm Not Me

    As Josh struggles with the death of his wife Sam, his grief begins to manifest itself in haunting and strange ways. When Josh comes face to face with his dead wife who is somehow alive and well, he slowly realizes that his world consists of two divergent realities. As he journeys between the two realms, hopeful of recreating the life he shared with Sam, tragedy ensues.

  • Bonne Année

    In a Latin American city on New Year’s Eve, an American hit man (Benjamin Banks) and his French partner (Thibaut Landier) meet their untimely deaths. Carefully unfolding in reverse, this clever drama retraces the moments that precipitated the men’s downfall. Co-starring Karen Young and Diana Lauren, director Alexander Berberich’s stylistic film consists of several long takes that each lasts on average 10 minutes.

  • Get Updates

Filmmaking is a team sport. We don’t get better at our craft if we horde our resources. We don’t grow as a community if we don’t work together to help everyone move forward. We don’t make a living at it if only a few are allowed to flourish. FCF started as a way to support indie filmmakers, sell their work, and provide a network of like-minded collaborators to help make their next film a reality. It is this support that allows the artists to take risks in their work and find creative solutions in getting to their audiences.

Fifth Column is often defined as one group undermining another group from within; like freedom fighters, or a resistance. We like to see it as guerrilla support for truly indie filmmakers.